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Daughter of the King (JESUS)💕Author💕Blogger💕Entrepreneur💕Speaker💕Owner

Rhonda Starling currently resides in Lithonia, GA. She’s a young Christian woman who loves God. She enjoys meeting new people and finding ways to lead them to Christ. She is well-recognized by her blog” I’m Rhonda Starling, And Helping Women to Follow Christ Is My Mission”. She’s presently in the process of starting her own nonprofit organization for women. Her passion is to help support women to develop spiritually as well as grow and help build up others. One night while sitting in her room, she was talking to God reminiscing on her past.

Rhonda couldn’t help but feel troubled because of everything she had suffered. She experienced this overwhelming feeling that she just wanted to share her story. And so Rhonda thought to herself if I could endure every test and suffer for a while; I can help another young woman not go through that same cycle. At first, she wanted to begin a support group where she and  few women meet up, and do girly things. It wasn’t till recent that it hit Rhonda to start a women’s organization.

Rhonda goal is to build one woman up, then she could move on and build the next woman; then the cycle can continue. Rhonda honestly believes if women knew better they will do better. If it wasn’t for her grandparents, Rhonda would have never known about the most precious man who is no other than Jesus Christ. Rhonda desires to give someone else hope. Hope women could use to face everyday life challenges. Rhonda is very passionate about helping others achieve their dreams.

*Connect with Rhonda today and be encouraged as you journey on your path to becoming all God has purpose you to become.
For booking email iamrhondastarling@yahoo.com

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13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Simple Praise 2020 says:

    I think this is great when women help other women to define their roles in a society with so many “blurred lines” bordering it! Godly smart is the foundation upon which this goal is to be built! Thank you for visiting, and please tell a friend about us!


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  2. Tom says:

    Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. May you draw closer to and more like Jesus everyday. May God bless you, your work and your blog richly and use you to build His kingdom.

    Liked by 1 person

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